12 stages to run containers in production & 4 testing scenarios

Watch Codefresh and Cloud 66 Webinar

The webinar covered the following points:

The 12 stages of the Hero journey to containers in production.

Testing Strategies — how to create a test lifecycle around containers.

Scenario no.1: Involves modification of the existing pipeline. AKA — naive approach :)

Scenario no. 2: How we can improve the situation?
Place all the Cl flow (compile and test) in the container.

Scenario no. 3: Split the image into tow.
In this test scenario, you still have one docker file with the application and test code. But you need to extract some of the image layers and split it into two images.

Scenario no. 4: Create a Docker Automation Flow by using containers for every step, including building container, test and app container.

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