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Hot on the trail of our Rollout Strategies release, we are very excited to release another major feature for our Rails users: Preview Deployments

Many of us use Continuous Integration (CI) to automatically test our code with every git commit. Preview Deployments adds support for Continuous Deployments (CD) to all Rails applications deployed with Cloud 66.

When enabled, any Github PR, git branch, or tag that matches your configuration will be deployed to the same stack, but on a different URL. …

Today we are rolling out a major new feature for all our Rails applications: support for Blue / Green deployments and Canary Releases.

This is the most significant feature we’ve released since Rolling and Parallel Deployment Strategies were released last year, and we’re very excited to help our customers deploy their applications more confidently.

Blue / Green Deployments

Let’s say you’ve developed an exciting new feature for your app but need to check certain aspects of it against production data before rolling it out to all of your users. Blue / Green deployments make this both safe and simple. When you deploy an application…

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Cloud 66 Customer Partnership Program. We’ve teamed up with some of our existing customers to help thousands of developers and businesses to build, deploy, manage and scale applications on any cloud faster.

Cloud 66 Customer Partnership Program Details

Since 2012 we’ve been helping web agencies, startups, technology vendors, developers, and CTOs around the world to simplify DevOps.

As a result, we’ve decided to partner with our customers instead of being just another vendor, so that we can build great things together and shape the future. …

Today we are releasing some major new features across all our products: Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and Advanced Traffic Management.

WAF is an HTTP-level firewall that protects your application against well-known attacks and exploits. Using WAF, you can block traffic to your applications from certain origins and detect and block specific attacks from reaching your application.


Let’s start with blocking traffic by country of origin (GeoIP WAF). Allowing or blocking traffic from certain countries is as simple as selecting them on the Traffic Filters page. …

This case study features Imagine it. Since 2021 Imagine it has deployed the Rails application with Cloud 66 Maestro on AWS.

Imagine it

Back in 2005, Imagine it, a consultancy, lacked a good invoicing service and set out to build one themselves. The effort resulted in the launch of the invoicing service in 2007. The passion driving the development of has always been to make invoicing as easy as possible and even fun. Since the release in 2007 has grown organically to become one of the most used invoicing services for small businesses in Sweden. …

We are pleased to announce that Cloud 66 is partnering with Maxihost, a global bare metal cloud provider built for developers.

Maxihost builds a platform that combines the compute power and security of bare metal servers with the automation capabilities of the cloud, allowing developers to deploy Intel and ARM-based dedicated servers in minutes across different locations around the world.

Why has Cloud 66 partnered with Maxihost?

One of the major factors is Maxihost’s global reach and prime data centre locations, from Australia to North and South America. …

This case study features Maxihost, a bare metal cloud provider with 20 years of experience. Since 2018 Maxihost has deployed and managed Ruby on Rails applications with Cloud 66 on their own servers.

About Maxihost

Maxihost was founded by Guilherme Soubihe in Brazil in 2001. After building a strong customer base in Brazil, they started expanding globally with points of presence in Chile, the USA, Australia, and most recently Japan, with Mexico launching very soon.

The Maxihost Platform combines the performance and security of bare metal servers with the automation and flexibility capabilities of the cloud, allowing developers to deploy a dedicated…

It’s no secret that my new favorite Rails stack is Rails + Hotwire + TailwindCSS + ViewComponents. I think this combination provides the best solution for developing great UI in a fraction of the time with simple and easy to follow guidelines.

In this post, I want to share our Ultimate Button Component. We developed this button to use in our internal toolset. It’s a ViewComponent Button that you can use anywhere in your app and has very little JS, in the form of StimulusJS. …

Today we are rolling out a significant new feature to all of our products and for all of our customers: Application Private Networks.

What are Application Private Networks?
The Application Private Network, or APN for short, is a VPN that connects all of your application servers. It also makes it possible for you to connect to your application servers through a VPN from your PC or mobile phone.

Today I am happy to tell you about the rollout of an improvement we’ve been working on for a long time: Rails deployment speedup.

It is no secret that we at Cloud 66 love Rails and the Rails ecosystem. With our roots firmly in the Rails community, we’ve been working hard to make our Rails deployments even faster. Our goal has always been to get to full deployment in under 10 mins. …

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