Commutatus, a consulting development agency, manages over 50 applications with Cloud 66 across AWS, Digital Ocean, GCP, Packet and Ali Cloud

Commutatus Overview

Commutatus, founded in 2015 by Michael Victor, is a digital agency that offers UI/UX and development services. Commutatus constantly updates and improves its services with the latest technologies and industry standards.

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • UX/UI design
  • Product Consultation
  • Innovation — Commutatus thrives on finding solutions to new problems.
  • The highest standards of creativity, with a focus on excellence.
  • Teamwork — working collaboratively across disciplines leads to smarter work, stronger ideas and deep team building.
  • Keeping it real — transparency, trust, truthfulness, and commitment.
  • Embracing challenges — Commutatus faces challenges head-on, boldly and tirelessly.

Can you give us an overview of your agency’s needs?

As a development agency, we manage mission-critical applications for our clients. We continuously churn out new features and improvements as their business grows and we help to scale their systems accordingly.

How is the Commutatus infrastructure set up?

We host most of our API applications on Cloud 66 as they have an efficient ‘out of the box’ Rails integration. We have, in the last couple of years, documented a simple process to set up a Rails application with all the customizations we need from Cloud 66 into an internal framework.

As a web development agency what projects have you run on Cloud 66?

AIESEC in Mainland of China: AIESEC in China required us to build a localised version of the global system’s user interface and authentication platform. Without any difficulties, we provisioned registered servers, and deployed code to the AIESEC in Mainland of China systems hosted on AliCloud and AWS CN.

Lastly, what are Commutatus’s future plans?

Last year we realised that our responsibility did not just include building out new features for our clients but also to ensure that their systems were functioning efficiently, secured and cost effective. With that in mind, we rolled out our infrastructure monitoring service where we could monitor health and business metrics to ensure that their applications are serving their intended purpose effectively.



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