Container Pipelines: The Next Frontier

A faster engine, but not enough fuel

  1. Build a stack of open source projects and automation scripts. Low software costs, high operational cost. Can be difficult to maintain and scale.
  2. Pay someone to build no. 1 for you, or use a managed service. Can be expensive, but at least minimizes hidden costs of the previous case.
  3. Use a hosted CI tool. Usually inexpensive, but usually does not “speak config”, which is essential in Kubernetes.

Time for a Container Delivery Pipeline

  • Understand that microservices require a pipeline-wide view, from Git to Kubernetes;
  • Automate that pipeline while providing advanced observability, security and policy management;
  • “Speak config” automate creation, control and versioning of production-minded config files for any environment (easy environment creation should mean easy operations!);
  • Be easily scalable and deployable across teams, clusters and regions.



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