Containership Cloud Alternative: Move to Cloud 66

The Ship has Sailed”, on 20th September Containership Cloud announced that their platform will shut down by 31st October. Containership users are advised to find an alternative solution in the next 6 weeks. We are happy to help. Give Cloud 66 a spin to check if it meets your infrastructure needs.

We are a partner, not just a provider

Cloud 66 Key benefits:

  • Full flexibility. Build and configure your servers the way you want.
  • Full control. You have SSH access to all your servers.
  • Resize server CPU, memory & disk for free.
  • No vendor lock-in. Deploy to any cloud or your own servers. Native integration with AWS, GoogleCloud, Azure, Linode, DigitalOcean, and Packet. Use our Registered Servers feature to deploy anywhere else.

Cloud 66 has four different products that you can choose from depending on your infrastructure needs:

Cloud 66 Maestro (A complete PaaS, backed by Kubernetes with native database and storage support) — is a full-stack application management platform. With support for containers (backed by Kubernetes) and complete with support for non-containerized parts of your infrastructure including firewalls, network config, databases (provisioning, monitoring, backups and replication), security and ACL access control, OS and server-level security monitoring, deployment workflow management, native DB and storage components, Maestro Clusters and more.

Cloud 66 Skycap — is the easiest way to deploy and run applications on any existing Kubernetes cluster. You can use Skycap to automatically turn your source code into container (Docker) images, manage your Kubernetes configuration files and deploy your applications to any Kubernetes cluster.

Example on how to deploy applications to DigitalOcean managed Kubernetes with Skycap.

We offer pay as-you-go pricing for all our products.

  • Rails, Node and Maestro is charged $14.99 per server per month.
  • Skycap is charged $3.99 per service per month.

Checklist before you get started:

  • A Git repo containing your application code. This can be a private or public repo.
  • A cloud account or your own server(s). Cloud 66 does not host applications. We natively integrate with major cloud providers to manage servers on your own account, or you can bring your own servers via our Register Servers feature. We will automate the build and deployment of your application to any cloud provider.

Move your apps in 3 steps: Code, Data and Traffic:

  1. Build and deploy your application’s code via the Cloud 66 dashboard
  2. Import your data to your new environment
  3. Redirect traffic to the new endpoint

Note: Visit our help documentation for more in-depth migration guide. Additionally, check out Containership’s documentation with a migration guide.

Have a quick look at Cloud 66 customers' successful user stories.

If you have any questions please join Cloud 66 Slack Community, where you can solve problems or learn from other awesome developers. Lastly — best of the luck with the migration whatever you decide — may the force be with you! ♥

Originally published at on September 23, 2019.

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