E-commerce for Startups

E-commerce in 2022

Where to cut costs?

  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) — In 2019 (from IDG), 61% of companies across the world were using some form of PaaS. A hosting PaaS reduces operational overhead and can be very convenient, but gives you much less control over your infrastructure and development environment. It’s a good option for a small project. However, once a project becomes bigger or more complex, it can become expensive to maintain. PaaS is a great option but you will have to give up some flexibility and be prepared for costs to increase as you grow.
  • Development Operations (DevOps) — Etsy became the market leader of e-commerce for handcrafted products in part by building a successful in-house DevOps team. However, building a DevOps team during (or post) COVID-19 isn’t the best solution to scale up your business. Hiring a DevOps person can solve some of the problems related to PaaS. It gives the company more control and flexibility, but DevOps talent is scarce and expensive.
  • Containers as a Service (CaaS) — Containers can increase the efficiency and speed of application deployments. They also help with portability, scaling, and cost reduction. However, containers are less than a decade old, which makes these technologies quite new. Only a small number of skilled people can build and operate them at scale.

Cloud 66 offers for e-commerce

  • PaaS — Cloud 66 offers PaaS-like functionality on any cloud provider (or your own servers). This also allows you to take advantage of the free credits from cloud providers that are routinely offered to startups.
  • DevOps — Cloud 66 offers a wide range of operational tools built specifically to allow developers to easily manage and deploy their code. So instead of hiring the DevOps specialist, equip your developers with Cloud 66 DevOps tools.
  • CaaS — Cloud 66’s Maestro offers a full-stack container management service backed up by Kubernetes. You can deploy any application (any language, any framework) to any cloud, as long as you have a Dockerfile.
  • Cloud 66 for Rails allows developers to deploy and manage Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, and Rack applications on any cloud.
  • Cloud 66 Prepress builds and deploys pre-rendered, JAMStack apps (Jekyll, Hugo, or Gatsby) on your own cloud.
Fwiw there’s a middle ground. @cloud66 gives you the DevOps ease of Heroku on top of IaaS provider you want. Love it.

E-commerce customer stories:

  • Orchard, a home buying marketplace that makes purchasing a home simple.
  • Soundstripe, a marketplace for royalty-free production music; made for video creators and designed in mind.
  • Zibbet is a marketplace for awesome handmade and vintage products.
  • Abletech, a software development firm, that enables e-commerce transactions.
  • Helium Development, a digital creative agency that specializes in Shopify website design and web app development.



DevOps-as-a-Service to help developers build, deploy and maintain apps on any Cloud. Sign-up for a free trial by visting: www.cloud66.com

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Cloud 66

Cloud 66

DevOps-as-a-Service to help developers build, deploy and maintain apps on any Cloud. Sign-up for a free trial by visting: www.cloud66.com