Empowering Agencies: One Tool to Serve Them All

The agency model evolves

What are brands looking for?

The tech landscape

# 1 Platform As A Service: inflexible (and expensive)

# 2 Hiring an Ops team: distracting (and expensive)

# 3 Outsourcing: lack of alignment

A perfect match for agencies

Our focus

Our products:

Why Cloud 66?

  • Seamless support for any cloud provider or your own server;
  • Full control over the team member access rights for each client or the projects they are working on;
  • Bill breakdown per client, environment, project, and application;
  • Native support for Rails and other Rack frameworks;
  • Full support for Docker-based applications;
  • Audit log records every action from deployment to access server by team member, IP address and a full timestamp;
  • A wide range of tools and features, including Load Balancer, LiveLogs, ActiveProtect, Deploy Hooks, Failover Groups, API and command lines, Team Access Control, and more;
  • Deployment of databases on your servers with backups, native replication for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, and Memcached;
  • Direct access to infrastructure engineers when you need help with onboarding a new client or trying a new technology.



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Cloud 66

Cloud 66

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