Feature Highlight: Redeployment Hooks

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2 min readOct 14, 2020

Continuous Deployment (CD) is one of the best ways to reduce release issues for software. Combined with the other engineering best practices, Continuous Deployment can be a powerful tool in your toolbox for delivering high-quality products without human errors.

What are Redeployment Hooks?

All Cloud 66 products support the implementation of CD. Using Redeployment Hooks, you can link your git repository to the application deployment flow with minimal effort. In a nutshell, Redeployment Hooks are Webhooks that are called by your CI/CD tool or git repository, after a successful test or a new commit, triggering a new deployment.

How should I set up Redeployment Hooks?

Using Redeployment Hooks is easy. At the most basic level, you can simply grab the Redeployment Hook URL from your Cloud 66 Application Information page and add it as a webhook integration, like Github’s post-commit webhooks.

Once set up, each git commit will trigger a new deployment of your application. If a deployment is already in progress, the deployment will be enqueued.

More Advanced Deployment Scenarios

Sometimes, you might not want to deploy the entire application every time a new git commit happens. For example, if you are using Cloud 66 Maestro, your application can consist of multiple services, each with their own git repository. Using Deployment Profiles, you can set up each service to deploy individually, or group them into related sets. Each Deployment Profile will then have its own unique Redeployment Hook which can be triggered independently. This is particularly useful when your code is split across multiple git repositories (and not a mono-repo).

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