[Press Release]: Cloud 66 Introduces Powerful New Capabilities at Gartner Catalyst Conference 2018

Developer-Friendly, Operations-Approved Container Ops

As Kubernetes Grows, Gaps in DevOps Emerge

Three Strategies to Bridge the Container DevOps Divide

A third way is to combine open source and specialized commercial software. Cloud 66, a provider of such tools, has been a leader in “easy Ops for Devs” since 2012, and its own stack has been running on containers and Kubernetes since 2014, powering over 4,000 customer workloads while running on thousands of lines of configuration.

Cloud 66 Skycap, The Container Deployment Pipeline

Today, Cloud 66 is introducing significant new capabilities focused on secure, self-service container operations, that Developers love.

These include:

  • For secure, scalable secrets management in the pipeline, support for injection of application configuration and secrets into Kubernetes from Hashicorp Vault. This is all defined by Operations with fine-grained user access controls, so that developers only input if it is in their scope to do so (for example, developers may know where a private key lies, but might not be responsible for knowing what that key is).
  • For policy-as-code in the pipeline, additional support for Kubernetes configuration sets as well as Kubernetes configuration policy compliance automation. This uses built-in integration for Copper, an open source configuration file validator from Cloud 66.
  • For Formations — a feature to easily manage application deployment targets in multi-environment Kubernetes — integration with Helm Charts (private beta) alongside Stencils, to create a single, secure control plane for all Kubernetes configuration and deployment needs; also launched is a step-by-step wizard for generation and management of configuration file templates.
  • For teams looking to stack applications onto specific, secure, larger servers, Maestro Clusters offer efficient, secure cluster management.

Be sure to visit Cloud 66 at Gartner Catalyst Conference 2018 in London, on September 26–27 — or contact us at hello@cloud66.com.

About Gartner Catalyst Conference 2018

About Cloud 66

Originally published at blog.cloud66.com on September 20, 2018.



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