RealScale Architecture Building Bricks

RealScale Architecture Bricks

#1 Servers

#2 Databases

#3 Shared Object, File Storage

  • Local Ephemeral Storage — must be used only for storing temporary files and logs before they are moved to long-term storage. And it should be immediately replicated to another server.
  • Network Filesystem — is similar to Network Attached Storage, where shared filesystems utilize the network protocol for reading and writing files. It’s not recommended for solutions that require direct block-level device I/O access.
  • Network Device/Block Storage — is similar to Storage Area Network, it is a block-level device offered over the network. Often used for high-performance data stores.
  • Object Storage — lives above the block or filesystem, allowing for the storage of data and associated metadata. The object storage can be accessed with the API.

#4 Centralized and Distributed Logging

#5 Message Brokers

#6 The Domain Name System (DNS)

#7 Caching



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