Tag propagation released to general availability

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1 min readNov 26, 2020


In September we announced a Beta release of the Tag Propagation component. Today, we are excited to release the Tag Propagation feature to general availability.

Tag Propagation Overview

Tag Propagation allows you to easily identify and link components between your Cloud 66 account and supported cloud provider platforms. Cloud 66 will push your server tags up to your provider, allowing you to more easily identify components across platforms.

For now the only components that support this feature are cloud servers and load balancers. It’s worth noting that the level of support for Tag Propagation differs depending on the cloud provider.

How does it work?

In nutshell, when Cloud 66 propagates your tags we transform them to ensure they are compatible with the cloud provider’s systems. The exact nature of this transformation depends on:

  • Whether they are simple text tags, or key/value pairs
  • Whether the provider supports key/value formatting for tags

For more information, please visit our help page.

Please, share your thoughts about this feature with us.

Originally published at https://blog.cloud66.com on November 26, 2020.



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