TextMaster — European leader in online translation powered by Cloud 66

Company background

TextMaster was created in 2011 and now it is the European leader in online translation with more than 10,000 clients in 110 countries, 200 million words translated and expert translators in over 50 languages. TextMaster’s mission is to facilitate international dialogue through high-quality multilingual content that is combined with the advanced technology.

  1. Translation services available in over 50 languages and in a wide range of expertise e.g. general business, scientific, legal, medical and more.
  2. Web content writing, where the TextMaster specialists work closely with clients to create a high-quality SEO content to enhance the search engine rankings.
  3. Professional proofreading, where TextMasters ensure that your documents (emails, brochures, websites, etc.) are 100% free of spelling, punctuation, grammar and style mistakes.

Pierre-Louis, can you give us an overview of your infrastructure set up?

We currently have about 15 services running on Cloud 66, where 10 of them run in the production environment.

What are the benefits of using Cloud 66 on the top of AWS?

Using Cloud 66 allows you to have little knowledge about how things are supposed to work on AWS. You don’t have to worry about how to setup things like your load balancers or security groups. The AWS interface is not really user-friendly compared to Cloud 66. Of course, you can always jump in AWS and fine tune some configuration if you really want to and if you know what you are doing but this is something we didn’t have to do.

Why did you choose Cloud 66 over other available providers to deploy your docker containers?

To be honest, we also looked at Kubernetes. The product is great but was too low level for us considering the little DevOps skills we have.

How are you using Cloud 66 and what are your favorite features?

Our services run on Docker and are configured to pull the code from a git url. The BuildGrid service then builds our image and deploys it on the hosts.

What are your plans for 2017?

In terms of DevOps feature, we would like to be able to build on-demand test servers, for our QA, using Cloud 66. We’ve started looking at Cloud 66 API in order to trigger a test stack building through our chat bot Hubot. This is more like a “nice to have” feature but we think it will make our QA life easier.



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